Memorial Union Terrace
Washburn Observatory
Mansion Hill Inn
Madison Masonic Temple
State Capital
The Red Gym
Breese Stevens Field
Luther Memorial Church
The Orpheum Theatre
First Unitartian Society

Project information

  • Category: Print Design
  • Client: Wisconsin Historical Society
  • Project date: Summer 2022

Historic Madison

While in college I was eligible for the Honors Society and was able to create a project of my choosing. With a love for posters and my home city of Madison, I decided on a series of travel posters. The choice of locations would be focused on historical landmarks around the city. When I narrowed down the 10 most compositionally interesting locations, I headed into the city to get some reference photos. The first part of the creative process was to crop the images in a way to show the beauty of the architecture and some hidden details that only locals would recognize. The second part of the process was to color block the compostion to ensure proper sizing and proportions. Next, the small details like tone and texture were applied, this would be a big challenge to get the lighting correct especially with some of the rough rock textures. Lastly, corresponding bespoke typography needed to be applied to complement but not hinder the composition. In the end, this was an incredible learning process when it came to basic artistic technique.