Marquette Waterfront Festival
Orton Park Festival

Project information

  • Category: Print / Digital Design
  • Client: Marquette Neighborhood Association
  • Project date: Spring 2023

Marquette Neighborhood Association

Katherine at the Marquette Neighborhood Association reached out through a mutual connection inquiring about some layout work for a couple of their upcoming festivals. In 2023 the Marquette Neighborhood Association planned to re-organize the layout for their Waterfront and Orton Park Festivals. Katherine explained to me that she wanted to have some maps made up to post on social media and to be placed at the parks during the festivals. Katherine sent me over an example of the style of map she wanted, after some extensive Illustrator work, and a few revisions we landed on something that was both functional and nice to look at in the style she desired. Me being curious how people would react to my work out in the world, I decided to head down to both festivals to get some reactions. What I overheard most people talking about was the relative ease of locating where they needed to go, and also children being able to find the playground easily.