Marsden - Got The Time

Project information

  • Category: Album Art
  • Client: Marsden
  • Project date: Fall 2023


Marsden is a talented musician based here in Madison who approached me about doing some designs for each of his singles he will be putting out. He had a vision of using a tattoo flash sheet as the style and incorporating that into specific pieces that would relate to each song. The first one we did together was for the single 'Got the Time.' He wanted a composition of a woman's eye with a clock in replacement of the iris. He also added that he wanted so vivid blue color to be incorporated in some way. The first steps were to sketch the concept out on paper and then move it into a digital space, in this case it was done in Photoshop. After a few revisions we nailed down a composition we both loved. There are going to be many more singles coming out, each with their own cover and eventually each cover will all be incorporated into a full album art. Stay tuned for more, and be sure to check out Marsden's music on all streaming platforms!